All Saints' Anglican Cathedral, Bathurst
The Anglican Cathedral for Central Western NSW
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Upcoming Events 

Saturday 29 November: Bunnings BBQ - Final for the year. Please put your name on the roster in the Narthex.

Monday 8 December: 11.00am. 2015 Autumn Fair Meeting in the Abbott Room. All welcome. All enquiries to Elizabeth Magee on 6332 2822.

Car Park Permits: These are due for renewal on 30 November 2014. At present, we have a number which will not be renewed by the current permit holders and are available for the next year. The cost is $978.14 per annum (incl. GST) or less than $20 per week. This is cheap parking. If you are interested, please contact Cheryl Gewin in the Parish Office on 6331 4711.

Upcoming Major Services: Please note the following: 

29 Nov: 6.00pm Confirmation Service (in place of Vigil Eucharist) 

30 Nov: 4.30pm Advent Carols



ADVENT STUDIES:  For those interested, these will be held for five weeks, 

beginning Thursday 13 November (13, 20, 27, 4, 11), in the Abbott Room 

at 1.30pm.  An evening group will also begin on Thursday 13 November at 

7.30pm at the home of Gavin and Anna Krebs.  Please indicate on the 

Narthex clipboard, your interest to attend so that materials can be provided.  

Come along and enjoy Walking Backwards to Christmas!!  


KYB is held every Tuesday morning at 10.30am in the Abbott Room.  

We are studying 1 Corinthians and will be studying the Psalms next.  

We would love to have more ladies come and join us.  There is an 

introduction morning before each study. 

From the Dean’s Desk

It’s been a busy parish weekend and I thank all of you for the commitment to our Spring Market. It began on Friday night with an outstanding display of photographic works and handmade glass jewellery by Peter Brady and Penny Packham respectively. Thanks go to Tania Harvey who initiated this ‘opening’ for our Spring weekend. Thank you too, to Heather and Greg Cozens who have gathered people together to run stalls, find teams and make our market such a success. It was a delightful day and as we all know, a great deal of hard work behind the scenes before it can happen.

This afternoon we welcome The Rev’d Peter Rose, our guest preacher, for 4.30 Evensong. Deaconed here in Bathurst in 2004, he has had a fascinating ministry in military and parliamentary circles in the ACT.

An article titled Nine Extraordinary Human Abilities describes some truly unusual and amazing skills. You are likely familiar with ‘absolute pitch’- demonstrated by those talented individuals who can sing a particular note at will without hearing a reference—such as a note played on a piano. Only 3% of the general population is blessed with this ability. Another gifted group is the ‘super -tasters’ - people who can taste with greater intensity than the rest of us mere mortals. Then there’s something called ‘tetrachromacy’. More common in women than men, tetrachromacy is the ability to perceive subtle differences in colour, far beyond the average person. Here’s one you may not be familiar with: ‘echolocation’. Like a bat, this is the ability to use sounds to help navigate from place to place. Perhaps some of you can associate numbers or letters with certain colours—or hear a specific word which triggers a particular sensation, or taste on the tongue. If you can, you have a special talent known as ‘synethesisa’. Have you ever known a ‘mental calculator’? Just as the name implies, these are gifted individuals who can add, subtract and multiply great sums with great speed, using nothing more than brain power. And finally, we have ‘eidetic memory’, which is more commonly known as photographic memory. Compared to those with such an ability, we are more likely to feel like we forgot the camera!

Interesting, isn’t it? Extraordinary abilities indeed. But the truth is, each of us is a unique masterwork of God, endowed with our own unique set of extraordinary abilities. Because God willed us into being, each of us is essential to the fulfilment of His creative design. And no matter what your super or not-so-super abilities may be, to be true to your God-given destiny, you must first be true to yourself. You must first recognise yourself as the one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, priceless gem of God’s creation that you are. Understanding what you are, is the necessary precondition to knowing what you are to become. 

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Welcome to All Saints' Cathedral, Bathurst. This is a special place in the life of the City of Bathurst and the wider Anglican Church of Western New South Wales. All Saints' Cathedral is located in the heart of Bathurst City. The Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Bathurst and the 'principal church' of the Diocese. The Bathurst Parish was formed in 1842, and the first church on the site was builit in 1848. This church became a cathedral in 1870 when the Diocese of Bathurst was formed.

The Cathedral Parish is an open and inclusive Christian community of faith that exists to live out and share the good news of Christ with the people of Bathurst. We have worship and activities for all age groups and people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. The Cathedral is open each day from 8 am. You are welcome to join us at any of our services,activities and events.

Vision: Our vision is to be an enthusiastic, generous and welcoming Christian community, growing together and serving others through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Parish Office is located in the
Diocesan Registry Building,
Church Street, Bathurst,
and is open Monday to Friday from
9 am to 1 pm.

Mail:PO Box 258, Bathurst, NSW, 2795.

Telephone:   02 6331 4711

Fax:   02 6331 4347

In emergencies, the Bathurst on-call minister can be contacted on 0417 693 147.


Cathedral Bells of Bathurst:

The Society of Bathurst Bell Ringers. The Bathurst Bell tower is a race and special in many ways. It is predominantly glass and is one of the few bell towers positioned directly opposite a functional Carillion.  

All Saints' College:

Diocese of Bathurst:

Sunday 8am will be starting at 8.30
Sunday 10am: Family service with CK Sunday school


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